Eugenia: Clarion Limestone High School Class of 2017 {Clarion Senior Photographer}

Eugenia is a senior at Clarion Limestone High School in Pennsylvania

When you photography a senior in a wind storm it can either go terribly wrong or epic-ly (that is a word) right. 

Eugenia's session went the epic way.

We moved around pretty quickly to reduce the chances of literally getting blown away, but she was brave in the bitter cold. I didn't even care about my numb fingertips because she was so great and natural. She was committed, even in her little romper that would have been oddly more appropriate a few weeks prior in the 70 degree February weather. 

Wind is basically the best thing ever though. If I had my choice I would have all sessions go this way. It was definitely worth the hour it took to comb out my hair afterwards. 

Here are a few of my favorites.